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03/18/2019 - The Siren Hotel – General Manager
The Siren Hotel is actively seeking experienced candidates for the position of General Manager for immediate hire.

The Siren Hotel occupies the former Wurlitzer Building, a landmark, 47,060 square foot, 13-story building. Designed in the Renaissance Revival style and opened in December 1926, this 13-story building once housed the famous Wurlitzer Co., which made pianos, organs, jukeboxes, radios and instruments and which also housed a music school.

The Siren Hotel is part of the ongoing downtown Detroit renaissance in perhaps the best location in the city and comprises of 106 rooms across five categories including eight striking penthouse floor lofted suites. The hotel houses several food and beverage concepts such as Candy Bar, 8-seat chef's counter restaurant Albena by Chef Garrett Lipar, Populace Coffee in the lobby and the upcoming Karl's all-day dining restaurant, captained by Detroit's very own Chef Kate Williams, the latter opening summer 2019.

The hotel renovation maintained and embraced the traces of grand Detroit that have remained throughout years of neglect and blight: delicate and gracefully aged travertine floors have been brought back to their original grandeur; intricate Art Deco cast iron stair railings were restored and the original façade with terracotta ornamental details were given a new lease on life in a careful historic renovation. The Siren enchants all to linger just a little longer. The right candidate will embrace this history and be a steward of the exquisite interiors and of the hospitality that we want to demonstrate to the city. An ideal candidate will be extremely service-oriented and have a sensible eye for detail.

A team comprised of diverse individuals guiding guests through the rebirth of the great city of Detroit, and a deep knowledge of historic, cultural and design references will lead the way.

The General Manager will supervise the overall operation, sales, marketing and logistics for the hotel. The physical asset management and upkeep of the property, budgeting, cost analysis, payroll and staffing, talent management, yield management in line with maximization of revenue generation and the resulting financial outcomes will be tasks intrinsic to the role. The position will also entail close communication with the head company and ownership group, as well as any other duties required for the complete oversight consistent with the first class and unique hotel operation as conceptualized by ASH NYC.

Previous experience (at least 2 years) as a General Manager is required.

Description of essential skills and responsibilities

Financial Stewardship and Revenue Management
• Carry out comprehensive market analysis of competitors’ guestroom rates on a daily basis and for the foreseeably future;

• Construct accurate forecasts for market conditions and patterns, considering particularly impacting events that may affect business levels;

• Strategize and deliver sales efforts as established by the head company and according to projections determined in cooperation with ownership group;

• Build, deliver and ensure complete comprehension by sales, front office, reservations and other team members of rate structures and best in class strategies for competitive yield management practices and procedures;

• Train staff members across departments and functions to continuously apply sales and branding techniques to best deliver the product.

• The GM should efficiently build annual budgets considering a careful forecast in operating expenses and labor cost;

• Utilize business forecasts to budget accurately for labor expenses in accordance with staffing model and requirements; control other business expenses in a balance manner with demand volume and closely monitor utilities and other operational expenses to the most effective and appropriate standards;

• Exercise careful adjustment of expenses and revenue streams to ensure consistency of profit margins and achieve previously determined financial returns targets. The role will also entail the close analysis of variances in results as well as the application of effective corrective action to mitigate similar future events;

• The role will demand pro-activity in the protection of corporate financial assets and the correct utilization of policies and procedures to handle all types of financial transactions.

Guest Experience
• The General Manager must successfully train or develop training programs for team members to perform correct procedures and SOP’s in accordance with company standards and as required to fulfill an elevated guest experience;

• The position will involve instances that demand direct involvement in the handling of difficult service interactions, complaints and dissatisfaction for the services or facilities provided. The GM will also ensure that all team members are well prepared and empowered to correctly handle instances of negative feedback and guest interactions;

• Guarantee the correct monitoring, compliance and engagement of Director of Brand & Culture with guest feedback and other reviews provided through any channel.

• Recruitment, selection, training and engagement of all team members in order to promote correct career development of associates all while delivering superior guest experience and asset management;

• The General Manager must enforce and uphold the highest standards of conduct, business ethics and general workplace well being. It is of the high order to conduct business in a most professional fashion under the principles established by the head company and the brand values;

• Design and implement associate satisfaction reviews and undertake corrective action whenever required. Correct and healthy levels of associate turnover must be maintained.

Asset Management
• The General Manager must act as a steward of the guest experience by ensuring the physical condition of the hotel, its facilities and amenities, as determined by service requirements and ownership-defined policies;

• Collaborate with input when capital budgeting for the property and monitor the close implementation and adherence to the these guidelines and goals;

• Ensure outstanding performance scores in quality assurance program reviews, mystery shopper programs and other feedback, setting forth corrective action whenever

Community Engagement and Curatorship
• The position asks for close relationships with neighbors and local stakeholders. Engagement of team members, their networks and that of commercial associates and city influencers are essential.

• The role demands the responsibility of curating the experience guests, team members, business associates, vendors, city officials and neighbors receive in interacting with the hotel at the Wurlitzer. A proclivity to cultivate and maintain these responsibilities is inherent to the role.

Skill Requirements

• Must possess appropriate oral and written communication skills as well superior ability to convey important operational information to all associates in every department.

• Excellent analytical skills and superior decision making skills, particularly under the strain of busy hospitality operations are essential.

• Hospitality and hotel management experience requires. A very high, natural awareness for the local market, the hotel industry and peer areas of interest such as the arts, design, music and community engagement are highly preferred. A service-culture orientation is key and should be ever-present in internal and external day-to-day operations.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer that considers applicants without regard to race, sex, religion, national origin, disability or protected veteran status.
03/15/2019 - Manager, Installation, Staging

The primary focus of the Manager, Installation, Staging role is to maintain standards and quality on installations and report back to the The Director of Staging. This role also entails scheduling the Installation team, enforcing ASH NYC policies, communicating with the Warehouse team and Design Team project managers, preparing supplies and tools for installation team members at the warehouse. The Manager is also responsible for scheduling and the keeping of notes on the installation team members punctuality and work performance; such notes must be reported to the Director of Staging.

• Enforcing the ASH Uniform Policy
• Preparing supplies and tools for team members at the warehouse
• Communicating with Project Managers to ensure light fixtures removal/installation is scheduled within the project timeline
• Running point on installations and overseeing movers
• Making sure supplies are on hand at the warehouse for future installations (Examples: Shoe covers, tools, felt pads, etc…)
• Taking photos of the unit before the move in and on the move out. Any damages or marks on the floors and walls must be reported right immediately to the Project Manager and photos need to be uploaded to Box.
• Attend meetings and site visits with the Project Managers and the Director of Staging
• Coordinate when movers are needed to the warehouse manager, staying in touch with the warehouse is a big factor as we need to ensure cohesion
• Open communication with Project Managers, Warehouse Team and Director of Staging
• Notifying the project manager and Warehouse Team when an item arrives damaged right away; This includes taking photos and sending the idea number
• Creating punch lists at end of day and sending to the Installation Team, Project Manager, Warehouse Team and Director of Staging
• Uploading photos at the end of each day to Box and notifying the Project Manager and Director of Staging
• Assist in activities including photo documentation, measurements, note-taking
• Assist project managers on the East Coast/West Coast with any in-person activities required including but not limited to buying, delivering, receiving, and surveying
• Scheduling the installation team. This entails sending schedules via google calendar, email and text message before 6pm evening.
• Research and implement new techniques for moving and art handling
• Send out a weekly schedule of all staging projects for the following week every Friday before 3pm
• Assist in art handling and assisting in light moving of furniture and updating of completed designs once installations are in process, and also after projects are completed
• Keeping track of associates hours and punctuality. Notifying the Director of Staging of these a problem is observed
• Ability to travel across the country and maintain a valid drivers license
• Reach and exceed target goals set by the Director of Staging

• Knowledge, Experience and Interest in Staging
• Requires very close attention to detail
• Physical strength required for moving, art handling, and general installation and moving assistance.
• Ability to work independently and receive direction from the East Coast headquarters regardless of global position
• Management / Time Management capabilities
• Ability to travel
• Flexibility with hours
• Knowledge of Microsoft Office
• Valid US Drivers License in good standing

• $XX,XXX annual salary
• annual discretionary performance bonus
• two weeks of PTO
• sick days
• health insurance
• PTO for winter recess, major national holidays, etc. as noted on the annual company calendar
• discount sharing on any item purchase personally from a company vendor
• annual performance review with Director of Staging to determine compensation package and position changes
02/27/2019 - Senior Project Manager, Development
ASH is seeking an individual with 10 years minimum in the field to lead and manage the construction phase of its large-scale developments. Responsibilities begin during predevelopment/design phase and continue through project close out and completion of any outside warranty work. A keen eye to detail, strong communication skills, and a diligent and persistent nature are key qualities.
Location: Brooklyn, NY

Project Type/Size:
 20,000 - 100,000 SF
, Mixed Use

Total Project Cost: $5 Million - $50 Million

Responsibilities include:


- Participate in internal design meetings. Advise on selected materials, finishes, fixtures, MEP systems, vertical consulting, structural approach/exterior, etc.
-  Leads internal estimating 

-  Engages GC or CM for pre-construction services - identifies firms, leads 
interviews, selects contractor 

-  Interfaces with ASH asset management team to understand operational goals/ 
objectives/approach to ensure buildings are designed with long term efficiency 
and modernity in mind. 

-  Participates in external design meetings with external consultants - Architect of 
Record, MEP Engineer, Civil/Geotech Engineer, General Contractor 

-  In Design Development phase, review specs and details for conformance with 

budget target, aesthetic objectives, and best practices/means and methods. Interface with internal and external consultants on recommendations and findings.
- Document phase, intensive review of drawings for coordination errors, key notes that should be included, consistency with site conditions, utilities, neighbors
-  Leads permitting strategy and process and is point person with expediter 

-  Bid Phase - solicits bids, reviews bid detail, conducts/leads follow up 

-  GC/CM engagement - structures contract, reviews for exclusions/qualifications, 

designates any key terms affecting total cost and schedule


-  Manage master project budget and schedule 

-  leads internal weekly Owner/Architect/Contractor Meetings 

-  Prepares Construction/Schedule/Budget portion of agendas for internal 
development meetings 

-  Produces weekly field reports 

-  Approximately 4 hours on site per day. Daily site reviews are to ensure 

subcontractors are on site as laid out by GC, project is being built in conformance with plans and specs, RFI’s are being issued as needed and issued to the proper parties, questions related to design intent are answered swiftly.
-  Reviews and helps address and answer all RFI’s. 

-  Profound understanding of the MEP and exterior systems and can identify 

deviations from the plans and specs via daily walk throughs.
-  Autonomy to communicate and strategize immediately with GC/Subs as 
problems/questions arise throughout the the construction process to stem 
change orders and schedule delays 

-  Conducts Pencil Requisition walk throughs with GC/CM Superintendent prior to 
submission to lender for loan draws 

-  Leads lender inspection requisition walk throughs, answers construction + 
schedule related questions in lender follow up 

-  Manages draw requests and disbursements for project budget 

-  Reviews lien waivers for consistency with SOV and draw requests 

-  Review and lead all change order processing and negotiation 

-  Prepares any Tenant Improvement/Landlork work packages for commercial build 

-  Oversees Landlord Work/TI Package fit out

Punchlist/Close Out

- Manages TCO/CO process, special inspections, licensing requirements
- Creates internal punch list integrated contractor’s punch list

- Ensures proper completion/close out of punch list 

Transition to Operations 

-  Solicits contracts for all ongoing service contracts, submits to Asset Management 
for review/sign off 

-  Key lead on leasing/turnover schedule 

-  On site to provide access to subs/CM as tenants move in/turn over occurs 

-  Solicit/Review CM/GC Warranty Package 

-  Oversees any warranty work post turnover 
Additional Information: 

-  Supports Project Manager Associate on their execution of small projects (5,000 SF 
- 15,000 SF) 

-  Utilizes Assistant Project Manager to assist in project administration (budget and 
schedule management) 

-  Leads estimating for potential projects 


To apply, please submit the following to

• A cover letter stating relevant experience and skills
• A resume or CV that clearly documents the required qualifications
02/23/2018 - Associate, Project Manager, Private Residential Design
ASH NYC is hiring a Project Manager for the Private Residential Design team.


• Observe and execute ASH NYC design philosophy
• Responsible for taking design direction from the Chief Creative Officer and Concept Designer, and must be able to effectively translate tasks and manage workflow of Junior Associates and Interns
• Responsible for guiding projects from schematic design through construction documentation and administration
• Responsible for overseeing up to 3-4 residential projects at a time, each in varying phases of documentation and construction
• Responsible for maintaining and developing architectural/construction drawing sets, construction schedules and timelines, and project budgets
• Responsible for liaising directly with clients, consultants, contractors, fabricators, and vendors.


• 3-5 years studio experience in residential project management
• An undergraduate or graduate degree in architecture, interior design, or similar field
• Highly proficient in AutoCAD, Rhino, V-Ray, Adobe Creative Suite, and Excel
• Ability to translate design direction, including sketches and redlined drawings, from Chief Creative Officer and Concept Designer
• Ability to work well with junior colleagues, including setting internal day-to-day expectations and workflow direction for junior project associates and interns
• Ability to draw and maintain construction drawings, including technical and detail drawings
• Must possess excellent presentation skills and an acute attention to detail.
• Have a wide understanding of materials, interior finishes, and custom FF&E design and fabrication process
• Have an interest in vintage and contemporary furniture and lighting
• Must possess strong organizational and problem solving skills, and have the ability to prioritize and handle multiple internal and external deadlines with no hesitation


To apply, please submit the following to

• A cover letter stating relevant experience and skills
• A resume or CV that clearly documents the required qualifications
• A portfolio of your work with indication of your involvement in the projects included
01/23/2018 - Intern, Residential Design
ASH NYC is hiring a Design Intern focused on internal ASH residential projects.


• Understanding of ASH NYC design philosophy
• Ability to be strong team member to collaborate on creation of concept renderings
• Understanding of interior finishes, materials, and FF&E design with residential focus
• Interest in vintage and contemporary furniture, lighting and fixtures
• Capable of understanding projects from schematic design through construction documents, with desire to develop skills to translate concept into reality


• Currently pursuing Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Interior Design and/or Architecture
• Highly proficient in AutoCAD, Rhino, Vray, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Microsoft Suite, Revit is a plus
• Ability to work well with colleagues, clients, vendors and construction managers
• Excellent presentation skills and strong communicator with the ability to work in a team environment
• Possesses strong organizational and problem solving skills, prioritizes and handles multiple deadlines with no hesitation


To apply, please submit the following to

• A cover letter stating relevant experience and skills
• A resume or CV that clearly documents the required qualifications
• A portfolio of your work with indication of your involvement in the projects included